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Another Symbiotic Genesis product wedding pie strain, produced from a crossbreed of Purple Punch and leafly Wedding Cake. Though put as a hybrid, up to 45% of the plant has indica characteristics. It has a THC substance upwards of 20% while having negligible CBD content. Also wedding crasher strain has a grape like flavor.

Wedding Crasher tends to leave consumers in a heady and overjoyed state. Furthermore, you get missing in your thoughts under the grasps of Wedding Crashers. You’ll discover that well refined and cured batches of Wedding Crasher tend to produce intense strain. This compact strain is a lively green with tinges of dark purple hues. In addition, enveloped in a rich and noticeably thick frosting of trichomes. Wedding Crashers strain can be a little resinous and difficult to break apart by hand. The suggested method here is grinding so a grinder is suggested when serving up a dose of this hybrid cannabis strain.

Taste and Aroma of Wedding Pie Strain

Wedding Crasher’s strain gives off a thoughtful skunky and diesel fuel-like aroma, with smells of sweet vanilla. Some smokers have reviewed its flavor to be a bit highly spiced with a hint of vanilla on the exhale. Moreover, users have reviewed wedding crasher to be elated and energizing experience. Main terpenes found in the hybrid strain Wedding Pie strain are Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Alpha-Humulene. While THC content is acknowledged to be found at around 25%.

Strain and Medical Effects

This strain does not have the stoning exploit of a complete Indica. As well as the equilibrium between Sativa and Indica strains. These consequences in a large head-high one that is activated at once while still remembering a traditional “trippy” effect. It doesn’t cause too much anxiety or is too tranquilizing. It will certainly be enough to refresh you while still promoting a psychoactive and creative component. Buy wedding pie strain from our dispensary.

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