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Space grapes strain is a predominantly sativa strain from Ultra Genetics and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. This is a cross between one of our favorite quick flowering Sativa’s and our Grapefruit. As if that is not enough, it allows you have a taste of two different worlds.

According to reviews, growing outside is a little bit strenuous as it takes a lot of time.Space Grape is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Moreover, space Grapes  strain is for sure an incredible type of cannabis. Also, these weed seeds are very easy to grow bringing big sized plants. The bouquet of Space Grape is incredible and has sweet smell you will never forget. Furthermore, its fruity so a recommended strain for growers who search for pure fruit. Space Grape can be grown indoors, in greenhouses and outdoors in moderate temperate zones with a lot of success.

Growth here is done using the popular nebula is used with its reliable good yield and honey scented buds.

The Grapefruit is the backbone of the all flavored department , making this an excellent choice for a fruity smoke.

The Nebula seems to sweeten the Grapefruit and smokes smooth with a nice Sativa dominant high. In addition, making it a good daytime smoke probably not so good for bedtime.

Our dispensary is at your service to answer all the buy space grape calls. All you need do is make the call loud enough for us to hear and you will be satisfied.

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10x (3.5grams Tin) – 450, 50x (3.5grams Tin) – 2100, 100x (3.5grams Tin) – 4050


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