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Orange cookies, a hybrid cross made up of Orange juice, an indica-dominant hybrid, and the famous GSC. Moreover, the full-body high and pain-relieving qualities have always amassed consumers. This tasty bud boasts a long-lasting mellow buzz powered by a moderate THC level that ranges between 12-18%.

Platinum Cookies strain,a girl scout cookies cross with a strain not well known. TJ’s cut of this strain won “

in the North West Cannabis Classic in 2015. Definitely one of our favorite cookie strains in the state.


Firstly, the versatility of Orange Cookies makes it a valuable cannabis strain for medical patients. Its contended and lucid mood elevation can be a great way to relieve the troubling symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. As a bonus, its middle-of-the-road effects mean that those already suffering from anxiety need not worry about paranoia. Orange Cookies’ numbing body high can relieve chronic aches and pains. Higher doses also help bring about deep and refreshing sleep when consumed. Depending on the individual user’s tolerance, undesirable side effects include the standard dry mouth and bloodshot eyes.

Also, Orange Cookies is a great choice for some mellow, thoughtful unwinding at any time of day. Its deep flavor and high resin production also makes it valuable in the production of aromatic hash and other concentrates. Furthermore,sharing this strain’s citrus goodness with friends or enthusiastic acquaintances is sure to win you some gratitude.

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This product can be gotten from our ever filled dispensary at any time as we do online sales. As soon as your order is placed we ship to you in a blink of an eye. Not forgetting, the well-rounded effects make it a great strain for enhancing active pursuits like hiking or exercising. So hurry and purchase this product to boost your daily life.



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