Death Star Strain


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Death star weed .

Death star weed . is a strongly inbred indika strain that was primarily bred with the warmer temperatures of an indoor environment in mind. However, she can also thrive outdoors and provide decent yields if the climate is adequately warm and dry. Desert Queen is slightly indica-dominant with a genetic makeup consisting of 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics.

She has inherited some of the best qualities of each cannabis subspecies, boasting a motivating sativa high alongside the shorter flowering time of indica varieties. When smoking joints loaded with Desert Queen, smokers will experience energetic and cerebral highs couples with pungent aromas and tastes of sweetness and spice.

Desert Queen features a large central stalk with little lateral growth, making her easy to tame. As hinted at, she is a queen of the desert, allowing her to tolerate dryer than normal conditions – but she is best kept well tended to if you can. Indoors plants produce moderate yields after a fast flowering time of 9 weeks.

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