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Chemdawg strain or chemdog has acquired quite the name for itself over the years. Between its unknown origin, ambiguous genetics, and the excess of successful crosses the strain has produced. This strain has taken a permanent place in the cannabis hall of fame. The natural source of potent strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Chemdog has a distinct, diesel-like aroma. Also, the high from Chemdawg kicks fast, sometimes before users have the opportunity to finish appreciating pleasant aroma. Users may experience an increase in functionality of the senses and an higher awareness of their surroundings. This initially unstable high becomes quite productively cerebral and introspective in the right setting.

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Also, chem dog can cause exuberant conversation. Its ability to augment sensory experiences also makes it quite good for innovative endeavors. Many smokers report a nice sense of physical relaxation, although not like couchlock. This leads to some speculation that Chem dawg contains some indica in its background as well. Chem dawg’s powerful cerebral high has made it useful in treating some of the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety. Some fanatics of this strain describe relief from chronic pain and mild headache as well. Because of its powerful nature and mental focus, Chemdawg has the ability to trigger the kind of manic, recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia. As such, even smokers with a high tolerance for THC are recommended to moderate their intake respectively. Buy Chemdawg strain online and get the life changing experience.

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