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Banana taffy, a hybrid cannabis strain brought to life by Illuminati seeds from Banana OG (Laffy taffy strain) and pestilence. These forbearing strains amass both potency and flavor to the balance. In addition, Our dispensary is here to answer the “buy banana taffy” call by our customers. This mouthwatering, delicious and rich banana salt water is at your service to put out that morning grin on your face.

Effects of Banana Peel

Also, banana Peel delivers a crushing wave of euphoria that will have you hitting the couch like bricks. This one is great for stress relief, pain relief, or just relaxing. Others, have also found it inspiring, social & uplifting high that’s physical alleviating & calming. Soothing body high. Further laffy taffy, very relaxing strain, good for trying to hang out without falling asleep. As if that is not enough, it also causes arousal and when consumed with your partner it can be the extra spice in your sex life.

That extra flavor and taste you have longed for is finally a click away. Our dispensary distributes the best category of this product given there are others whose concentration fail to meet the mark required. Do not be afraid to take the step forward, this might just be your Gem.

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10x (3.5grams Tin) – 450, 50x (3.5grams Tin) – 2100, 100x (3.5grams Tin) – 4050


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